The WINK Wake Up Show

Every weekday from
5:30 AM- 10 AM

Back Row: Denny Logan
Front Row (left to right): John Wilsbach, Sue Campbell, Jenna Clay

The WINK Wake Up Show features Denny Logan, Sue Campbell and
News Director Jenna Clay and Traffic Director John Wilsbach.
At 6:20 and 8:40, Sue gives you all the latest celebrity and entertainment news from Hollywood.
At 7:10, listen to the WINK Wake Up Show birthday list and at 7:50, it’s the 5 Question Quiz.

Get To Know Your Show

Denny loves that each day is different and no day is ever the same. It’s a rewarding challenge trying to entertain people every day, he says. In his spare time, Denny loves to play Texas Hold ‘Em and spend time at the horse races. He also watches an inordinate amount of television! Learn more about Denny.

Sue loves the variety of stories and conversations that each morning brings while having lots of fun with co-workers.  Away from the WINK Wake-Up Show, Sue loves to cook, shop, garden, decorate, volunteer, spend time on the beach, and make memories with family and friends.

John likes that every day at WINK 104 is different. He also enjoys the different personalities of his co-workers. John doesn’t have much spare time, but when he does, he enjoys spending it at the beach. Learn more about John at Traffic with John Wilsbach.

Jenna loves the duality of her job. She loves informing the community about the day’s top news stories and then showing her personality while bantering with other jocks, which she says suits her wit and creativity. Jenna spends most of her spare time rooting on her son at his various sports. She can also be found outside on a kayak or hike, or just as easily on her couch watching Star Wars or any of her favorite Colorado teams. Learn more about Jenna at News with Jenna Clay.

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