Denny Logan

    Denny Logan is the longtime co-host of the WINK Wake Up Show alongside Sue Campbell. He loves that each day is different, and no day is ever the same. “It’s a rewarding challenge trying to entertain people every day,” he says. In his spare time, Denny loves to play Texas Hold ‘Em and spend time at the horse races. He also watches an inordinate amount of television!


    25 Things About Denny Logan

    1. Not much on this planet feels better than being one of the last people left in a big Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament!
    2. Horse racing is the best sport in the world.  The NFL is a close 2nd.
    3. Horseback riding is the best.
    4. Traveling is great, too. The world is huge, get out there and see some of it!
    5. Velveeta Shells & Cheese is my favorite food
    6. I have never tried a cigarette.
    7. I have never broken a bone or had a cavity.
    8. I own a ton of clothes.
    9. Other than gym clothes, underwear and towels, I do not put anything in the dryer.
    10. Despite my loud attempts in the car, I cannot sing at all.
    11. I like to buy things in bulk.
    12. I refuse to wait in line for anything. “There is a wait for a table at this restaurant?” Good bye. And if there is a line at the cash register at a store, I will just come back and get it later.
    13. I’ve seen the Backstreet Boys in concert 11 times, but I’ve never seen The Wizard Of Oz. Yeah, I know it’s a little weird.
    14. I cry easily if I see people I care about crying.
    15. I own a dishwasher and a gas grill and have never used either of them.
    16. I have never had more than two sips of coffee in my life.
    17. Parades and fireworks are a stupid, pointless, boring waste of time.
    18. The ID Channel is fantastic.
    19. If you love your friends, tell them. Anyone who’s ever lost anyone always wishes they had told how much they meant to them more often.
    20. Ask your parents about the night (or day!) you were conceived. It sounds weird but It’s a part of my life story that I am glad I know.
    21. I love legal and political debates.
    22. I wish I had better hair.
    23. Is Sean Hannity serious? I mean, really? Come on! That dude CANNOT be serious!
    24. Life is way too short.
    25. I really hope nice guys don’t finish last every time.