PROJECT SHINE, a Partnership with Cumulus Media, VolunteerMatch, and Ready Set.

It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.

CUMULUS MEDIA and VolunteerMatch bring you PROJECT SHINE. Today, you have the power to shine. Your good deeds can light up the sky and shine light into the world. When you VOLUNTEER, you truly give of yourself, and the world and your soul are richer for it. PROJECT SHINE believes that everyone should have the chance to make a difference. That’s why we make it easy for good people and good causes to connect.

As we all begin to “get back to normal”, PROJECT SHINE turns the page and brightens lives & minds by connecting tutors and mentors with kids and families through ReadySet.

During the pandemic, most students had to learn from home or in a hybrid capacity. As a result, many students fell behind academically. Let’s get them the support they need before the new school year starts, with ReadySet, America’s Student Support Network. Whether you have a teaching degree or just have some time to give, can match you up with a student in your community that suits your talents and time.

Give what matters most – your time, effort, and love – as a volunteer in your community. Let the light shine down, and let your light shine brighter too!

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We’ve partnered with Collective Soul who have recorded an exclusive version of their hit song, “Shine”, created just for Project Shine. It is all about bringing some light back into our world this season. Take a listen…